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On July 9, 2020, Brian and I went out to intercept a cell that was coming in directly from the south. We got to a position just south of Beamsville, ON, Canada where we decided to set up and wait for this slow moving storm to come our way. That was when we got a series of beautiful photos of both a downburst as well as a bunch of spectacular cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. Most of the photos will be used for my presentations along with other various products that I will be coming out with in the future


Intense waterspout that happened on Lake Ontario between Beamsville and Vineland, Ontario, Canada on September 30, 2020 at 4:47-4:48 pm. I'll be writing more about this very soon. A big thanks to Kyle Robertson who gave me a heads up on what he was seeing with this storm that got me out the door faster. You can see one of his photos of a couple beautiful waterspouts below this one from earlier in 2020.  

I am really proud of my good friend and storm chase partner, Kyle Robertson who got photos of these 2 waterspouts yesterday. Such beautiful structure along with the spouts below. A great way to start the season. We are both hoping for more as the year goes on. The one to the right did form an impressive stovepipe shape to it. That photo will be released at a later date.  

This was the tornado that we caught just east of Arthur on August 7, 2013. It was the perfect tornado because there was little damage with it and no one was hurt or killed by it. It something my dad and I will never forget. 

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One of the things I have really become known for is finding owls. I even have the nickname now "The Owl Whisperer". This past Fall and Winter I found over 50 owls and 8 nests. The first owl I found last Winter season was January 3rd. This year, it isn't even Winter yet and I have already found three. So hopefully it is another great Winter for finding them.

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